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Sarabichain is a Defi project to provide a bridge between the novelty world of cryptocurrencies and the old-fashioned financial system we are used to.

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Keeping up with the best Defi project poses a challenge in such a fast-paced blockchain environment. 

SarabiChain Ecosystem

Sarabi Staking
Sarabi DApps
Sarabi NFT's

The next generation of financial product, protocols and exchange of value.

This is the hot DeFi crypto projects that are expected to explode in 2022.


SarabiScan is a Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for SarabiChain.

SarabiChain DApps

Sarabi Wallet
Sarabi Staking
Portfolio Tracker
SarabiChain DApps

Sarabi Swap

SarabiSwap v1 is a decentralized exchange that trades on Pancakeswap liquidities. It can make swaps and create liquidity pools through PancakeSwap. SarabiSwap v2 will be used (in the future) to host the liquidity pools of projects that the Sarabi team sees as high potential.

SarabiSwap provides a comfortable service to ecosystem users with its user-friendly UI.

SarabiSwap communicates with PancakeSwap via smart contracts and executes transactions at the highest possible speed.

SarabiSwap performs transactions in a decentralized and autonomous manner without having any control panel. Security vulnerabilities due to SarabiSwap are impossible.
SarabiChain DApps

Sarabi Wallet

Sarabi Wallet is a non-custodial wallet in web3 by removing the private key vulnerability, making it the simplest yet most secure wallet to invest in cryptocurrency.

  • User-Friendly
  • Functional
  • Data Security
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SarabiChain DApps

Sarabi Portfolio Tracker

Sarabi Portfolio Tracker allows you to track the transactions and token balances of the wallet you want as a multichain without the need for a wallet connection.

  • MultiChain
  • No need to connect your wallet
  • Fund Analyzes
  • Transaction History
Portfolio Tracker

Sarabi NFT Marketplace

We regulated NFT Marketplace and payable in Cryptocurrencies and FIAT. You don’t have to be a computer geek to buy NFTs.

The Tokenomics

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Binance Smart Chain

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The Roadmap


  • Q3 Project Brainstorming Website Development Whitepaper Building the Community Deploy Contract Begin DApps Development Sarabi Wallet Prototype SarabiSwap v1 Launch Sarabi Portfolio Tracker Launch SarabiScan (beta) Launch Contract Audit & KYC Prelaunch Marketing PinkSale Presale Launch on PancakeSwap CMC & CG Listing
  • Q4 Sarabi Staking Tier 2 CEX Listing Begin constructing SarabiChain


  • Q4 Sarabi Staking Tier 2 CEX Listing Begin constructing SarabiChain Sarabi Wallet App Launch Researches on Sarabi Launchpad Sarabi Launchpad Development


  • Q1 Sarabi Launchpad Launch Sarabi Liquidity Locker Launch SarabiSwap v2 Launch Fund Projects on our DEX Reach to 1BN Marketcap
  • Q2 Develop BSC-SarabiChain Bridge Get wCoins to SarabiChain Perpetual Trades on SarabiSwap Sarabi Roadmap v2 Launch

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